Rod Fritz is fired, who is next?
Sat Mar 31 20:58:09 EDT 2018

Can someone speak to the economic benefit or lack there of, of laying off Dan Rae and Bradley Jay. Does saving a few hundred thousand (at most) really benefit Iheart? Between advertising dollars and bad will, doesn't cost more money not having them on?

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Sources within WBZ say that the rumor in house is that Dan Rea and Bradley J will be the next on the chopping block....with syndicated programming running from 7pm til 5am.

Gary Francis

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On 3/30/2018 6:43 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Here is the memo
> Hi-
> We want to make you aware of a change here in the newsroom. Rod Fritz 
> is moving on and will no longer anchor here at WBZ.

I think it's outrageous the way it was handled. Given his many years there, you'd think the memo would have been a little warmer & more courteous, but I guess iHeart doesn't care about longevity, am I right?

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