Rod Fritz is fired

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Sat Mar 31 09:03:00 EDT 2018

As soon as this whole Ifart Media deal acquiring WBZ was announced I said,
“Ifart will run WBZ into the ground faster then you can say mist tunnel in
a New York City office”

On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 8:56 AM Mark Watson <> wrote:

> Donna Halper wrote:
> >I think it's outrageous the way it was handled. Given his many years
> there, >you'd think the memo would have been a little warmer & more
> courteous, but I >guess iHeart doesn't care about longevity, am I right?
> Nor does iHeart care about warmth and courtesy either. One has to wonder
> what other changes lie in store for WBZ?
> Mark Watson

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