Feds raid pirate radio stations

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 08:41:24 EDT 2018

Some say they may just buy a new antenna and/or transmitter and go back on
air. The woman who supposedly owns these stations may have written
"refused" on letters from the FCC about the violations.

Big City was forced to move off 101.3 when WJIB's FM translator went on.The
legitimate station was curbing their illegal one greatly, and they soon
wound up on frequencies that would soon be home to other LPFMs.

On Twitter, someone wondered "Who bought Big City?" apparently thinking Big
City had a license and apparently the "owners" sold it to Bob Bittner.

Several pirates are still on, as I noted last night on Storrow Drive..a few
on AM, and some FMs--90.1, 92.1, and 93.9 (right next to WEEI-FM).I was
told somebody heard a pirate on 91.9 when they were in Everett...WUMB's

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018, 1:19 AM A Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:

>  From MASSter List:
> Feds seize equipment from two pirate radio stations
>  From David Harris at the BBJ: “Federal authorities seized radio
> transmission equipment from two Boston radio stations earlier this week
> they say had been operating without a license. According to court
> documents unsealed on Wednesday, one station called ‘Big City’
> broadcasted at times on 100.3 FM, 105.3 FM, and 101.3 FM, from
> Dorchester, with a studio in Roxbury. The other, called ‘B87.7 FM,’
> operated on 87.7 FM from Dorchester. Authorities say both were operating
> without a license from the Federal Communications Commission, despite
> multiple warnings to the operators.”
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> http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001XHgfpYsKFQLlZFktDAc8vMYkPjzFecshR3B2zmrmLR904YpimrxFSatpMVdTRaAD2ePeSOTfw6j49DKhw175lhg-bPp5e0ptD9HAUo_29YKTFiuiiVvx_vT_R54arcBB5sXvnqJZx-cWWOwXOyHBhUyRw4B956FvLFSzhrfDexmGkFP9szCLQduTlibXIMdmFHsGU8FSPVKydH9k9QE7xSd0ucfmIScrI3lGfNG6nM3GOXcrIa54oXd5tZTH10XugbKEkr42XNugNbTywZdTwquQ0-QaUfwI&c=K9JPiIRdR53S84tO6VNpway8AXpnj2YHR9go2nJwVNYIDiGajfhz0Q==&ch=wHL5w_pkUtPy5iGvySvX71ZN2h_Wf3LUo2trdCfSUFMph0zO6bgjVA==
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