Looking for a clock radio suggestion.....

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I went through this a couple of years ago. My conclusion is that there are no decent clock radios any more. People use their iPhones to wake them up. All the clock radios available are (1) too small, with the buttons too close together, so when you wake up groggy, you'll either hit the wrong button or knock the radio onto the floor (2) the sound quality is abysmal on them; you would never "lull yourself to sleep with soft music" on a clock radio; 1 inch speaker if you're lucky (3) not all the clock radios have battery backup, and if they do, it may not work well; my current clock radio either loses the time completely during a power failure, or speeds up so that when the power comes back, the clock is 20 minutes fast.

To wake up, I use an old fashioned wind-up Big Ben alarm clock. To listen to the radio, I have my CC radio on the bedside table.

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On 3/16/2018 1:07 AM, Don wrote:
> Anyone have suggestions for a decent clock radio?  I am in need of a 
> new one.

I found the same problem-- few options for clock radios.  But I was able to buy a Timex (yup, they still make 'em)  AM/FM clock radio, model T231Y.  It does all the stuff you asked about, and it works very well. I believe Walmart still carries them...  I tend to wake up to either WBZ or WBUR.

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