Looking for a clock radio suggestion.....

Don astelle.donald@gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 12:51:12 EDT 2018

>>> Best Buy still has a large selection

Happen to be in a Best Buy this week a and didn't really find anything on 
display.  (They have some online for order though..)

They DID have this interesting unit on display....wondering what the radio 
folks in in this group think about it?


Someone in the family had an "iHome" radio a few years back, and I was not 
impressed with the radio reception.  Not sure if it an inherent brand 
problem or what.

Would love to hear comments/opinions.



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> Hi Don,
> Best Buy still has a large selection. Sony still makes 4 models with fair 
> to good performance.
> Sangean makes clock radios. All Sangean and CCrane models have good to 
> very good AM & FM performance and some of the non-clock-radio-type models 
> have a decent clock radio built in. I like my Sangean PR-D9W as a very 
> good & durable do-it-all model--portable, clock radio-AM-FM-+weather 
> radio, light weight, not big (6x4x1.5")but sounds very good, can recharge 
> batteries or use regular batteries or ac. About $60.
> Mark Casey
> Hampden, Mass.
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> Subject: Looking for a clock radio suggestion.....
> Anyone have suggestions for a decent clock radio?  I am in need of a new
> one.
> Used to be there would be an endless display of them at the stores.....but
> no longer.
> Looking for one with:
> -two alarm settings
> -acceptable reception
> -not too huge...so it doesn't take up the entire night table.
> Any radio-types on this list have one to suggest?
> Thanks!
> D
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