More TV repacking?

Mark Laurence
Sun Jan 14 16:44:16 EST 2018

I rescanned my TV channels last week and was surprised to find 2 clicks for WLVI and their Buzzr subchannel on 56.2.  This morning the duplicate channels were gone. I wonder if they have now moved to the WHDH subchannels, or if this was a test in preparation for the move? Both sets of channels seemed to have equal quality. If they have made the move, they haven’t given up any services as This TV continues on 7.2.

Also, WFXZ is now broadcasting the English language BizTV, which seems to me to be an odd choice for their new owner, WGBH. They’ve lost their subchannels in the move.  I think there were 3 of them, mostly broadcasting home-shopping stuff.

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