Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 22, Issue 20

Dale H. Cook
Tue Feb 20 10:16:44 EST 2018

At 07:47 PM 2/19/2018, Glenn Spatola wrote:

>WBBM in 1968 sounded quite a bit like WHMP in Northampton, MA at that time ... IMHO, neither was anything close to a young sound!

I was a freshman at UMass in the fall of 1969, and met WMUA alumni who were working in commercial radio in the Pioneer Valley, including at least one working at WHMP. Most were somewhat disappointed that they couldn't do the kind of show they had dome at WMUA, but at least glad that they were earning a living in radio. I felt somewhat the same way when I got my first job in radio in 1973.

A number of WMUA alumni, including myself, continued to do some work at that station after leaving college, as it was educational for the students to get to know and learn from alumni who were working in commercial radio. I am now mostly retired from a career largely in radio and TV engineering, and have come full circle. I am about to debut a three hour weekly free-form music program on a local LPFM for whom I have been doing volunteer engineering. It is essentially the same thing that I was doing at WMUA nearly fifty years ago but benefits from the experience of my career, and the broadcast hardware and software that I have amassed during that career. I am producing it on my home workstation, and since it is pre-recorded I can do nice tight segues without slip-cueing. I have to supply my own music, but have amassed a suitable home music library over the years.

Dale H. Cook, Radio Contract Engineer, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA 

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