Clock radio search results!

Mon Dec 31 13:38:24 EST 2018

Some may recall I was looking for a decent clock radio suggestions.  I
finally bought one.  Being the radio nerd, I was a little more picky about
what would sit next to my bed for a few years.

I ended up with the Sangean RCR-10.

*Great rich sound!  Although I don't usually stay in my bedroom listening
for any real period of time.  This has to be the biggest pro of this radio.
full-rich sound....almost as good as the Bose radio!

*I like the Sangean brand.
*It pick up RDS so I can see what song is playing (when I don't know, or
need a hint).
*Clock is lept accurate by RDS signal (or is it WWV?)
*It has a blutooth connection, so I can play Pandora, Iheart, or web stuff
thru my phone.
*It has an ipod/iphone connection (not a dock), so I can charge it on my
nightstand...and play anything on my iphone.
*It has dual alarms!  (Yay! I can keep it set to my "weekend wake-up" time)
*A couple of AA baterries are there for back-up, so you don't loose all the
presets/programming if you have a power outage, or need to pull the plug for
vacuming.  ;-)
*Big display!
*Brightness adjustment.
*10 presets.


*Not happy with the AM reception. I like to wake up to WBZ....and it could
be my location.  I had a lot of trouble on my last radio getting's
tolerable with this new one...but nothing to rave about.  However, it might
not be the radios fault.  ;-)

I think I paid about $70 for it.

This is a video of the RCR-10...which is similar, except the iPhone 
connection here is a dock on top.  The RCR-20 has a connection for a wire in 
the rear.

If you need a clock radio and can part with about $70....then you might like


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