Worcester's 1440AM

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 19:05:02 EST 2018

     As a long, long time ago alumnus of WAAB/WVEI, I was curious enough to look it up on radiolocator.com (although its coverage maps have limitations). I'm wondering whether the bad signal you're talking about is day or night, or both?
    The day signal, non-directional, is shown as producing a 2.0 mV contour that falls a few miles south of Leominster's southern city line. The 0.5 contour goes through downtown Fitchburg, which is 20 or 21 miles from the transmitter; the 0.15 mV contour goes through downtown Nashua and falls a few miles south of Milford, N.H. 
    At night, with two towers and a sharp null to the west, WVEI sends a somewhat stronger signal north through Fitchburg. The 2.0 mV contour goes just south of Leominster's southern city line; the 0.5 mV contour is at Fitchburg's northern city line. Radiolocator doesn't bother to show nighttime 0.15 contours.
    With the FCC having trashed the AM band with ridiculous numbers of interfering nighttime skywave signals, most class B stations don't have an interference-free 0.5 nighttime contour -- even very senior stations such as WAAB (first on air in Boston in 1927; moved to Worcester in 1942).

    On Saturday, December 22, 2018, 5:37:35 PM EST, Don <astelle.donald@gmail.com> wrote:  
 Did 1440AM ever have a real reliable signal in Fitchburg?

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