WPLM Christmas

Mark Springer mark.springer@gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 22:35:51 EST 2018

High stop Marconi Hill WPLM always had a beautiful Christmas display for
Route 3 drivers to enjoy. Might still, it's been a few years.
One of Jack's businesses was the Campbell Music Service, pushing SCA to
clients from the Cape to Boston, including the Boston Edison Nuclear Group
(IIRC in the Pru).
One special CMS client was Edaville, and as a young lad with a small
association with the station (the Plymouth-Carver High School Radio Club
had a half hour on Sundays) I got to run the "Edaville Tape" in the
evening, which meant stopping the deck (a big Maggie, probably) and
spinning a vinyl cut of Christmas songs, and then starting the deck again.
Now as many know, Jack was close to the Kennedy family and many other Bay
State power brokers.
So, that winter the second story of the station was completed and Jack and
Jane were hosting the Christmas Party. ORlor games were the order of the
"My" studio was opposite the main studio with the standard glass window, as
well as a window into the transmitter room.
Not quite being dissolute, (it was 1972 or 73,) but still open to anything
I gladly accepted the invitation of the Engineer (the guy who was playing
Stairway to Heaven one morning during off air maintenance except the
station signed on with Zepplin) to step outside for a holiday "libation."
I'd inhaled before, but as some may know there comes that magic moment when
one finally feels the "full effect" of combusted Green...
So, we go back in. I'm in the CMS studio, and he and a friend are in the
main studio.
Suddenly I'm feeling AWFULLY dry, kinda gumming...
I look up and the two of them are looking at me and laughing and I have no
idea why, till he comes back into the studio.
"What's so funny," I ask.
He starts laughing again and tells me
"You've got cotton mouth!"

Merry Christmas!

Mark Springer
Bethel, Alaska
(oh yeah, I'm Chairman of the Alaska Marijuana Control Board.)

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