Matty's start date....?

Donna Halper
Fri Dec 14 12:26:15 EST 2018

On 12/14/2018 1:46 AM, Don wrote:
> In the department of "nerdy minutia that doesn't matter to anyone".....
> Does anyone know the actual date (month/year) that Matty came over 
> from 'BCN and started at Kiss 108?

Clea Simon of the Boston Globe said in an article about the show's 
anniversary that Matty came to Kiss 108 in mid-January 1981. This 
matches up with the press release issued by Kiss 108 in early January of 
1981, announcing that his first show would be on the 15th of January. 
However, it wasn't quite Matty in the Morning yet-- he began doing just 
one hour, before gradually expanding to the full 6-10 AM shift by April.

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