Rick Levy Passes

Rob Landry 011010001@interpring.com
Sun Aug 26 15:51:18 EDT 2018

I met Rick when he was helping out at my college station, WHRB. Rick was a 
long time listener and friend of the station, which was no more than half 
a mile from his home in Cambridge, MA. Rick helped us out on innumerable 
occasions, perhaps most importantly by doing the engineering work that got 
WHRB its construction permit for its present transmitter site on One 
Financial Center in 1994. Previously it had operated from what is now its 
auxiliary site on a building in Harvard Square. The OFC site gave the 
station a dramatic increase in coverage. More recently, Rick negotiated a 
deal with Eyeheart Media whereby WHRB and Eyeheart's co-channel station in 
York, Maine relaxed their mutual interference protections, allowing WHRB 
to go non-directional.

Rick was a man of many facets. He was a runner in several Boston 
Marathons, an avid reader of science fiction, an amateur astronomer, and a 
scholar of Jewish religion and philosophy. He also loved making puns and 
telling jokes; one day recently he called and askd me if I'd ever heard of 
Alexander Graham Warszawski.


"Alexander Graham Warszawski."

"No, I can't say I have."

"He was the first telephone Pole."

I miss Rick.


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