WBZ's move to Medford

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sun Aug 26 12:15:46 EDT 2018

On 8/26/2018 7:55 AM, Doug Drown wrote:
> It occurred to me this morning that what goes around comes around --- sort
> of.  This weekend, New England's (and the country's) first commercial radio
> station moved to new quarters in Medford, where the region's first radio
> station, WGI, set up shop in 1920.  WGI didn't last long, but the legacy is
> remembered.
> Does anyone know what's on the site of the old Amrad-WGI building?
> -Doug
Yes, exactly right!  When I was on the air with Morgan White earlier 
this morning (1-3 AM), I mentioned that history and talked about how 
things came full circle with radio starting in Medford, and WBZ moving 
to Medford (though not the same location as 1XE, which was on the campus 
of Tufts, at what was then called Medford Hillside). Sad to say, the 
building 1XE was in burned down in 1972. And the studios didn't survive 
either. I don't even think there's a plaque on campus to commemorate the 
station.  If you read my article in the new Antique Wireless Association 
Review, it provides a very thorough look at the life and legacy of this 
pioneering little station.

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