Rod Fritz is fired, who is next?

Eli Polonsky
Mon Apr 2 14:11:12 EDT 2018

> Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 07:36:31 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Rob Landry <>
> Subject: Re: Rod Fritz is fired, who is next?
> ​> ​
> There's nothing stopping Eyeheart from switching one of their FM's (WKAF?)
> to simulcast 1030.

​If they do that, it may not be WKAF because WKAF has been trending up in
the ratings ​since it flipped to its adult Urban AC/Classic R&B format. It
even bested their much more powerful younger-skewing Rhythmic CHR WJMN
(Jammin' 94.5) in the 6+ in the last two books, and is now only .1 behind
much more powerful Rhythmic AC competition WBQT "Hot 96.9". I've read that
WJMN still bills well among a desired young demographic though, so I doubt
they'd blow that up for a 1030 simulcast either.

1030 is simulcast on the HD2 of "Kiss 108", and "Kiss" is still top-rated,
so it's not going anywhere.

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