Entercom announces what it plans to keep

Doug Drown ashboy1951@gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 00:53:05 EDT 2017

"You can be sure if it's Westinghouse."   Uhh . . . Not any more.

Rob is right.  Westinghouse put WBZ on the air in 1921, bought CBS in 1995,
and *became *CBS two years later, the tail having wagged the dog.

I haven't been attentive as to what will be happening with KDKA and KYW,
which are in similar circumstances.

Robert Wright, the former CEO of NBC, once made the remark that getting the
network out of radio was the worst mistake he made during his time at the
helm.  A legacy disappeared.  The same thing happened with ABC's historic
O&Os.  Sadly, I expect it will here, too.

In addition, what will become of WBZ's close working relationship with
Channel 4?

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