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Ted Larsen
Sat Mar 18 14:28:21 EDT 2017

I'm re-sending Mark's email because I couldn't see the text.
SOmeone recenly mentioned "Symphony Sid" to me.

I don't think I recall ever seeing airchecks of him online anywhere.

Was this before people started keeping this kinda stuff for posterity?

Anyone know if there are any airchecks available?

Was SS only a Boston talent?



I think that sometime in the early '60s Symphony Sid went to WADO 1280 NYC after previously being on WILD (or was it still WBMS?) 1090 Boston.

Seems to me he was on WADO around the times of my NYC Christmas shopping train trips (Dec. '63, Dec. '64) and World's Fair visits (summer '64, summer '65).

Perhaps Donna or one of the other radio historians of the group can confirm.

I started making airchecks in '63 and I've dubbed most to mp3.  Mostly I was into Top 40 (WMEX, WBZ, WABC, WINS, WKBW) so the great jazz-oriented shows such as Bill Marlowe, Symphony Sid, Norm Nathan, and the various talents at WNEW 1130 NY went untaped even though I did occasionally give them an appreciative listen.

If I knew then what I know now I would have recorded much more.

I am still looking for spring / summer 1961 era Eddy Mitchell of WCOP Boston.  His afternoon show ruled during 6th grade when I was at the Brackett School, Arlington.  Even bigger than Melvin X and Ginsburg.  Repeated research of aircheck sites and enquiries in various groups have turned up nothing.

I am also looking for any British top 40 shows of 1961-1962 that have songs by my favorite singer Helen Shapiro, a superb talent barely known in the States but huge, albeit briefly, in the UK and still well remembered there by the 60+ folks.

Mark Connelly
South Yarmouth, MA  

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