Is WBRU on the brink?

Eli Polonsky
Fri Jul 28 13:08:54 EDT 2017

> Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 08:12:26 -0400
> From: Scott Fybush <>
> To: Sean Smyth <>
> Cc: Boston Radio Group <>
> Subject: Re: Is WBRU on the brink?
> Once RIPR gets 89.3 up and running from the Tiverton site, its lease deal
> with the Wheeler School for WELH 88.1 will become redundant. Would Wheeler
> have any desire to work with WBRU or sell 88.1? Not impossible, but hard to
> see it make economic sense for anyone. Modern rock doesn't have much of a
> track record of being able to work as a listener-supported noncomm format.
> ​WERS Boston (Emerson College) appears to be making a listener-supported
success out of what sounds like a modern rock based AAA ​format during
weekday daytime hours (it has other specialty formats nights and weekends).
It is much slicker sounding than most "college" radio, with a morning host
from Boston commercial radio (George Knight) and students playing from
pre-programmed playlists during the rest of the daytime.

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