Wi-Fi radios....C Crane

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Fri Jul 14 17:17:36 EDT 2017

You can also listen to internet radio through a Google home and, to a
limited extent, Amazon Echo.  I can listen to my station, cjazzchannel.com
through the Google unit.  The Amazon box, even though it has TuneIn, won't
let me pick it up.


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Hello Don,

The Sangean WFR28 Internet Radio I've had for a couple of years, sounds good
and works well and has a built in FM radio. It's a medium sized
battery-or-plugin portable ..........or......... try a bluetooth speaker
(ex: sony srs-xb2, xb20, many others) paired to a smartphone. If you don't
have unlimited data, Some of the carriers (ex: metropcs) offer free radio
listening through tunein, radio.com or other apps. That system will enable a
wide field of options. The Sony bt speaker is small, wireless, sounds great,
is portable, battery lasts a long time, and comes with a charger or use any
standard micro usb charger that fits most cellphones.

The Sangean Internet radio has many station choices , but the smartphone
system will probably enable even more.

Mark Casey K1MAP

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From: Don

I had heard people mentioning th C Crane Internet Wi-Fi Radio and wondered
if anyone has any experience with this model


Seems like a good basic wi-fi radio...just wondering if I will be

Anyone have experience with this one?



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