Classical (was: Fairbanks WKLB/WCLB & WCRB

A Joseph Ross
Thu Jan 19 23:17:27 EST 2017

I have a button on my car radio for WHRB, and I sometimes turn to it 
when I don't like what WCRB is playing.  I think they still play jazz in 
the morning, and sometimes they have some other Harvard-oriented 

One time several years ago, I turned to WHRB and heard some talk that I 
liked.  It was a program, apparently circa 1965, in tribute to the poet 
T. S. Elliot, and the speaker was Groucho Marx.  He and Elliot (whom he 
called "Tom") were fans of each other, and when they met, it's a tossup 
who was more thrilled.

On 1/19/2017 9:19 PM, Don wrote:
> Since we have a few classical music aficionados on the list, I'd be 
> interested in your thoughts...
> When I scan, I quite often come across WHRB 95.3 playing Classical 
> music during the day.  They seem to play some funky stuff and unusual 
> classical pieces...and some longer pieces.
> The stationality and presentation are pretty plain vanilla...but 
> considering they are non-commercial, I wondered if it would be a good 
> option for those that like classical music/radio....
> I think WHRB has always been my memory anyhow.  ;-)
> Any opinions ?
> D

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