Norway goes Digital, eliminates FM radio

A Joseph Ross
Fri Jan 13 22:40:36 EST 2017

Funny, I thought the reason Country WCLB became WKLB was because they 
thought they were losing ratings to WCRB just because people filling out 
ratings books got the call letters wrong.  If they were using Portable 
People Meters, that shouldn't happen, should it?

On 1/13/2017 2:08 AM, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Fri, 13 Jan 2017 01:23:37 -0500, A Joseph Ross <> said:
>> How would we know whether an HD sub-channel has gained an audience? When
>> people are asked what station they are listening to, do they know the
>> difference between WBZ and WBZ-FM-HD3?
> People are not asked what station they are listening to, they are
> handed Portable People Meters, which listen for and decode subaudible
> tones that identify the station and specific delivery mechanism
> (streaming, analog broadcast, or digital broadcast).
> -GAWollman

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