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Ironically, with the 60.5 leased channel, it looks like NBC may have the 
best OTA signal of all the major networks--1M watts on ch18
Mark Casey

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Bob DeMattia wrote,

> To recap, "NBC Boston"'s closest O&O transmitter is a low
> power on RF46, virtual 8.1.
> It has a full power transmitter, albeit direction, outside of
> Manchester, NH on RF34 virtual 60.2.
> It's most useful signal comes out of a station owned by
> somebody else on RF32 mostly virtual 62, but on this
> transmitter NBC's content is PSIP'd at virtual 60.5.

Bzzzz.  Close, but no cigar.

Vir-Ch.60.5 = WMFP:62ʼs RF-Ch.18.5:  RF-Ch.32 = WBPX:68, *was*
analog W32AY ➜ WTMU-LP ➜ RF-Ch.46 (analog) ➜ (digital) WBTS-LD
as Vir-Ch.8!

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