[B-R-I] Re: December 3 TV rescan

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Tue Dec 5 10:10:04 EST 2017

The resources are out there!

Here's the FCC flowchart page:


We won't see the first phase of channel changes from the repack itself 
until Sept. 2018, with the phases then proceeding at intervals of 
several months through at least 2021 (and maybe longer).

Here's the list of stations that sold their spectrum in the auction and 
are entering channel shares:


This document doesn't show who's actually moving where, because those 
filings are still gurgling their way through the FCC. Rabbitears.info is 
the site of choice for keeping track of all that, in several forms that 
are all linked here:


There are some other twists and turns to the transition that are hard to 
fully document - for instance, T-Mobile has been paying stations on 
upper UHF channels (especially 50 and 51) to move off that spectrum 
ahead of the FCC's schedule, when channels are already available for 
them to repack. The FCC allows this, where it's technically feasible.

And of course you have to be careful with what you're tracking - 
Univision and Entravision just very quietly swapped calls and network 
affiliations on their stations in Boston and three other markets, so 
"WUNI" and the Univision affiliation are now on the Marlborough-licensed 
"channel 66" that used to be WUTF/WHUB-TV/WHSH/WVJV, while "WUTF" and 
the UniMas affiliation are now on the Worcester-licensed "channel 27" 
that used to be WUNI/WHLL/WSMW. And both stations will be repacked to 
new RF channels in the next few years, with applications to move in to 
the Newton/Needham tower farm. When it gets hard for ME to keep track, 
you know it's confusing!


On 12/4/2017 8:10 AM, Sean Smyth wrote:
> I feel like the FCC should issue some sort of flow chart as they issue the
> CPs, approve transactions, etc. You all know what you're talking about. The
> issue is me not being able to keep up with it all.
> On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 11:49 PM Kaimbridge GoldChild <kaimbridge@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On 04/12/2017, Jeff Lehmann <jjlehmann@comcast.net> wrote:
>>> WFXZ’s previous signal was on RF channel 24, not 23. At one point
>> briefly, I
>>> believe they were on 25.
>> Whoops, where did I come up with 23?  P=/
>> Yes, WFXZ-CD:24.
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