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Sun Dec 3 11:57:10 EST 2017

Mark Laurence originally wrote:

 >>>> I came across a message on WFXZ channel 24 telling viewers they’d have
 >>>> to rescan their TVs on December 3 if they want to continue to watch the
 >>>> over-the-air broadcast. Any idea what is happening then?
 >> Scott Fybush replied:
 >>           <snip>
 >>> We’d initially thought that was all that was happening to WFXZ-CD
 >>> (Channel 24), the Azteca America outlet that’s been running a 15 kW
 >>> directional signal from the FM128 master tower site on Chestnut Street
 >>> in Newton. The Rodriguez family collected a whopping $64 million in
 >>> auction proceeds to give up RF 24.

I inquired,
 >> So what, WGBH:02 is all ready to change from RF-19 to RF-5?
 >> I thought it was still going to be a few more months before stations
 >> could start moving around?
 >> Or is WGBH:02 staying on RF-19 for now and WFXZ-CD is going to be the
 >> RF-05 guinea pig for reception testing, etc.?

Scott Fybush replied,

 > There's a series of 10 stages over 39 months for the full repack
 > to happen.
 > WGBH isn't slated to move from RF 19 to RF 5 until later in those stages.
 > But... because there's nobody on RF 5, in theory WGBH could move sooner
 > if they wanted to.  WFXZ has to tag along... it can't operate separately
 > on 5 while WGBH stays on 19.

It looks like WGBH and WFXZ-CD just didnʼt want to wait for the channel
shuffle:  WGBH:02 is still RF-19 (2.1=19.3, 2.2=19.2?) and WFXZ-CD:23(.1)
is now RF-19.1 (there is no 23.2-23.4, which is no loss, since they
have just been color bars for a while....Couldnʼt they have shut those
subchannels off earlier and saved bandwith, or is there some FCC
regulation against that?).

Given this, couldnʼt the WYCN-CD:13 move to WGBXʼs carriage (and all
of the “NBC Boston” rechanneling gymnastics—see separate thread response:
happen at any time?


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