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A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Thu Aug 17 15:39:51 EDT 2017

Makes sense to me.  I assume that's why Bob went for the translator.  If 
the signal is clean for most of its coverage area, it may give Bob a lot 
more listeners.  And the sound really is a lot better than the AM 
signal, even where the AM signal is strong, as it generally is in 
Brookline.  Comparing the two, as I have done in my car, it's easy to 
see why music programming has largely left the AM band.

Today driving from Brookline into Newton Centre, the WJIB translator 
signal was clean, loud, and clear until past Cleveland Circle. Right 
about the lights at Boston College, I started to hear some noises, and 
shortly after began to hear WMRC's translator cutting in and out, mostly 
very briefly, until I got to my office parking lot. There, WMRC came in 
stronger and overwhelmed WJIB a few times.

Many FM stations use compression, which seems to boost the base beat and 
gives an artificial sound to the music.  I notice that Bob isn't using 
compression, or if he is, it's at fairly low-level.  That makes the 
music sound even better.

On 8/17/2017 11:04 AM, Rob Landry wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2017, A Joseph Ross wrote:
>> I notice that Bob hasn't mentioned the translator on the air yet, he 
>> just refers to 730 and 740.  That harkens back to my younger days, 
>> when stations that did AM-FM simulcasting (except for WCRB) talked 
>> about the AM frequency and almost never mentioned the FM frequency. 
>> That was fine back when most of the audience was on AM, but I assume 
>> Bob put up the translator, as well as his other stations in Maine so 
>> that people will listen to them, and they won't unless they know 
>> about them.
> A couple of Binnie's New Hampshire stations only mention their FM 
> translator frequencies on the air. What used to be "WTSN AM 1270" is 
> now "WTSN 98-1".
> Rob

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