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The other Maine stations, 870, 1280, 1470 are independent of  730.  Liners 
reflect only the station being listened-to, excepting joint  liners for 870 
and 1470 as those two simulcast in different markets (Portland  and 
Lewiston).  However there is cross-promotion of all the Maine stations,  plus "When 
you're in Boston, tune in to 740...."
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What  about the other Maine stations?  Or do they have liners only in  

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WJIB's FM transmitter does just that.... the Morse Code  thing every hour.  
Voice ID's also happen at the times Sidney mentions  + a couple more at 
night.  During-the-hour liners will soon have  "101.3" in them.
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"I  notice that Bob hasn't mentioned the translator on the air yet, he just 
 refers to 730 and 740."

You may just have missed it.  Legal  ID's for FM translators need be done 
only three times a day by voice (once  between 7:00AM and 9:00AM, once 
between 12:55PM and 1:05PM and once  between 4:00PM and 6:00PM) or once an hour by 
Morse code.  If the  station has transmitter power greater than one watt it 
must have an  automatic device to transmit the ID in Morse code every hour 
unless the  translator's primary station guarantees a voice ID on the above  

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