WJIB at 101.3

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 17:17:21 EDT 2017

Hearing from 2 different people that the pirate first tried 100.5, and now
100.9...both right next to WZLX.There's a huge list of local pirates in
Boston, Brockton and elsewhere...including some others right next to big
legit stations like this.

On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, Kaimbridge M. GoldChild <Kaimbridge@gmail.com>

> Bob “RaccoonRadio” Nelson wrote,
> > As I'd mentioned WJIB's translator is doing better here on the
> > North Shore or at least the pirate doesn't seem to be interfering.
> > Indeed I am on the fringe area of their signal, anyway. I am
> > hearing from some listeners of WJIB on a Facebook group; people in
> > Dorchester, Copley Sq. and Roslindale are getting W267CE now with
> > no interference and one person said they could barely pick up the
> > pirate right around where it was supposed to be broadcasting from.
> > So they may have turned the power way down, or maybe that was some
> > other station coming in--but he did seem to think it was Big City.
> Yup, by 2:25am Monday morning, “Big City 101.3” was no where
> to be heard at the South Station postal facility (or—later
> confirmed—anywheres up on the North Shore)...just Bob B.ʼs W267CE
> (w/Milfordʼs W267CD mixing in, up on the North Shore)!
> Back in March, I got the Sangean DT-160 AM/FM Pocket Radio, with
> good sensitivity, excellent (even adjacent channel) selectivity
> and SUPERB(!!!) image overload rejection:  While all of the other
> radios at South Station were “image wastelands” on FM due to the
> Pruʼs FM stick, the DT-160 had absolutely NO imaging whatsoever
> (even in the all-window cafeteria facing the Pru) except, maybe,
> very, very, VERY slight (and I mean to the point of not really
> being able to distinguish from the background noise floor!)
> “image hash” at the very bottom of the dial (87-89 MHz), as well
> as maybe an extremely weak image at .2 MHz above (and below?)
> the Pru signals (e.g., 100.7➜100.9)—though easily overtaken by
> the slightest bona fide on channel signal!....The biggest gripe
> I have with the DT-160 is its about .6-.9 sec. frequency change
> silence!
> What this means is—besides getting the Cape, RI, Worcester and
> SEʼrn NH to varying strength as regulars (as well as any tropo
> from ME to CT to LI/NYC {have already logged CT-95.7 and LI-97.5
> a couple of times} and probably even further)—all of the (even
> Pru adjacent channel) Boston area pirates are receivable at
> South Station!
> (I was off last night, and the night before I didnʼt hear
> anything on 100.5, but I will most certainly check tonight)
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