Bloomberg and WNBP

Sean Smyth
Tue Aug 1 14:19:18 EDT 2017

I assume Bloomberg is targeting the wealthier reaches of WNBP's coverage
area. I'll assume WNBP's translator gets coverage into Hamilton, Essex,
etc. And I assume most of the high rollers living in said areas also have a
plethora of devices they can use to stream Bloomberg content.

I can see having a Boston station. Plenty of movers and shakers. Having a
presence in the city, all that stuff. I don't see how having an exurban
station benefits Bloomberg. I'd love to know.

Radio Insight does speculate: "With an LMA starting at 12am this morning,
the move is all about the translators as 106.1 W291CZ Boston currently has
a null to the northeast to protect the pre-existing W291CC Newburyport with
its 90w vertical/98m facilities."

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 7:51 AM Bob Nelson <> wrote:

> Apparently Bloomberg is the one obtaining WNBP with a LMA, $1 million
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