FCC Incentive Auction results released

Bob DeMattia bob.bosra@demattia.net
Thu Apr 13 22:41:14 EDT 2017

Why does WBZ move from channel 30?
It doesn't appear anyone is replacing them on that channel?


On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 9:25 PM, Garrett Wollman <wollman@bimajority.org>

> <<On Thu, 13 Apr 2017 18:07:37 -0400, Bob DeMattia <bob.bosra@demattia.net>
> said:
> > Ot oh.
> > Looks like NBC Boston will have to find a new home (again)!
> They knew that going in.  Now that the new channel assignments have
> been released, they have the option of filing for a displacement CP
> for WBTS-LD, or trying to make a deal with one of the remaining
> licensees.  They could also acquire WMFP's license (or WLVI's, if
> Ansin is willing to sell now) and then make a deal with Univision,
> Entravision, Fox, CBS, or Hearst to share spectrum.  (These
> spectrum-sharing deals are treated like a share-time arrangement --
> which deep down at the binary level I suppose they are -- so they
> still count as separate licenses and still get must-carry for their
> primary programming stream.)
> The ideal situation for NBC would probably still be for Ansin to agree
> to sell WHDH, and they'd have a full-power Boston UHF signal for both
> NBC and Telemundo.
> -GAWollman

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