Transmission Issue Causes Outage For Some WBZ-TV Viewers

Richard Chonak
Wed Oct 26 06:16:52 EDT 2016

Channels 4, 44, etc. are back on the air.

------ Original message------From: Garrett WollmanDate: Sun, Oct 23, 2016 1:11 AMTo: Bob DeMattia;Cc: B-R-I;Subject:Re: Transmission Issue Causes Outage For Some WBZ-TV Viewers
< said:> The plan apparently is to move WGBH off the lower master antenna down to> the WCVB aux, and then use the lower master temporarily for WBZ, WCVB, WSBK> and WGBX, which usually use the upper master.And the reason 'GBH has to move for this to work is that WGBH is on RFchannel 19, and WCVB is on RF 20; the combiner system can't provideenough isolation to run first-adjacent channels off the same antenna.(That's why there are two broadband UHF antennas in the first place --this was an issue during the transition as well, with WGBX on analog44 and digital 43.)And of course once the repacking happens all of this is going tochange again, at great expense, and some broadcasters are probablygoing to decide it's just not worth it.-GAWollman

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