R.I.P. Leo Beranek

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>>  Could someone expand on his role there?

He was part of the group of local investors and community leaders that made up Boston Broadcasters Inc.

They challenged the license of then WHDH-TV Ch 5 which had been operating on temporary 6 months licenses, since issues were raised about the manner in which they got their original CP.

I don't know if Leo Beranek had any role at the TV station outside of the boardroom.  But the strong board they had, had very high goals, and they all became very wealthy after their long battle.  

There is a great book that details how Boston Boradcasters, fought and won the right to operate channel 5.  (It also details the attempts of Hal Clancy and the Boston Herald Traveler to discredit them, and used their newspaper to try to dig up dirt on the people who won the licence.)



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 An authority on acoustics and radio,
 as well as helping create the 
 internet at BBN, this obit also mentions Beranek as one of
 the founders 
 of WCVB without going into details.
 Could someone expand on his role there?

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