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22,40,57, 50/51 & Springfield's version of Channel 3 are on OTA TV. 40 & 57 
have , sort of, a reasonable coverage area. 22 is just fair and suffers from 
low power on RF channel 11. 3 and 50/51 are UHF low power stations. The 
Hartford area stations-3, 18, 20, 24, 30, 61 cover up into the lower CT 
River Valley on OTA TV. But, to be fair, there are few places in the area 
between Worcester and 15/20 miles east of the Connecticut River that have 
OTA TV reception. That's a large geographic area that, for the most part, 
had some coverage from OTA TV stations before digital.

I know that some engineers will disagree, mostly because of predicted 
interference (that would rarely occur), but even with closer station 
spacing,  most digital TV stations should have 20-50% of their analog power 
to effectively duplicate their coverage on digital, not 5-20% (or even much 
less in many cases). Today's coverage problem (with the, mostly, 5-20% of 
analog power limits), is not quite as bad in flat terrain areas like most of 
Florida, but much worse in mountainous areas, like most of New England.

Mark Casey

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Nothing on OTA TV west of Worcester?  What about the Springfield stations?

On 11/5/2016 11:23 PM, Mark Laurence wrote:
I don't think anyone on the Cape can receive TV without cable, and I know 
for sure that there's nothing on OTA TV west of Worcester.

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