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Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@Gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 14:39:25 EDT 2016

Jeff Lehmann wrote,

 > Just caught the TOH ID via the 102.1 in Quincy.
 > “Renew FM, WMDR Augusta & WWRN Rockport, also being
 > rebroadcast on 103.7 BOSTON and 102.1 Quincy.” I know
 > 103.7 previously IDed mentioning “Gloucester/Saugus”
 > with the TX site along route 1 in Saugus. Did they get
 > in under the wire and build the construction permit on
 > the Hancock building that was set to expire on 3/21?
 > I am also hearing the 103.7, but could occasionally
 > hear it from Saugus as well. Can anyone closer in
 > tell if it’s in fact coming from the Hancock now?

Yup, I can confirm that W279BQ-103.7 is, indeed, xmt-ing from the 
Hancock, though—unlike the defunct WFNXʼs W267AI-101.3 (which, 
IIRC, came in $tereo strong at South Station)—the signal is 
mostly buried at South Station by the Pruʼs imaging wasteland.

Compare:  W267AI-101.3 = 7w/231m;  W279BQ-103.7 = 10w/241m;

I can receive W279BQ up here in Beverly now better than before 
(when their stick was in Salem then Saugus) but, again, I donʼt 
think as good as W267AI came in, when they were on, also on the 


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