CBS radio network

Martin Waters
Sun Mar 27 17:25:21 EDT 2016

     Excuse my ignorance about the CBS radio network ownership. I think I may have known that back when I used to have a memory :)). However, wouldn't it be likely that there'd still be some affiliate attrition among the new station owners? Based on the unsold availabilities I hear these days on the network programs (which you don't catch on stations that don't carry the hourlies or the short features), the cash register isn't ringing as much as it could be.

      From: Scott Fybush <>
 Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2016 12:13 AM
 Subject: Re:
The "CBS Radio Network," such as it is, wouldn't be affected at all by 
any possible sale of the CBS Radio division.

"CBS Radio" as a network is operated by Westwood One, which is now a 
division of Cumulus. CBS Radio News is produced by staffers of the CBS 
News Division, which would not be part of the sale.

The CBS Radio division that's being contemplated for sale consists 
solely of the owned-and-operated radio stations, 120 or so of them 
around the country.


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