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Sun Mar 27 16:38:31 EDT 2016

Scott FyBush wrote,

 > This confuses me - while WWRN belongs to Maine-based
 > Light of Life Ministries, the 102.1 and 103.7 translators
 > are licensed to Horizon Christian Fellowship, based in
 > (IIRC) Fitchburg, and are supposed to be relaying
 > WYDI 90.5 from Derry NH.
 > Did I miss something?

Yeah, something is definitely screwy in
Denmark...er, Augusta!  P=)

When W271CG-102.1 Quincy came on back at the end of Oct'14 
(almost a year and a half ago, already?!?), I checked the TOH one 
night and it was USA Radio News, Gary Best with weather for 
(IIRC) “Southern NH (and Metro Boston?)”, then an ID listing 
starting with WYDI and including W279BQ-103.7 and maybe 
mentioning the Cape stations.

If you look at http://www.wmdr.org, it notes “The Light” is one 
of three networks run by The Worship Radio Network:  “The Light”, 
“Worship-FM” and “Godʼs Country”.
Their station list page,


shows who carries what and which station is the parent.

However, that appears to have changed.

If you scrounge around online, the listed feed for “The Word, 
WMDR-AM”, http://streema.com/radios/play/4109, is now a feed for 
“Godʼs Country, 88-9 (WMDR-FM)”

Meanwhile, WWRNʼs 91.5 feed, 
http://tunein.com/radio/Worship-FM-915-s170352/, appears the same 
as “Worship-FM”ʼs,


and—while still there on the station list page—have dropped them 
in the TOH ID.

Now, as for 88.5/“RenewFM”,


“WYDI-90.5” (with weird double—delayed?—feed cutting in and out):

    MP3: http://majestic.wavestreamer.com:7462
    m3u: http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.m3u?id=911525

all ID as just “WWRN-Rockport” (not “WYDI-Derry” or 
“WMDR-Augusta”), with no USA News or weather, so it seems WWRN 
has become—at least for the separate online streams—the network 
“front man”.


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