CBS Looking To Sell Off Their Radio Stations

Garrett Wollman
Sun Mar 27 01:19:02 EDT 2016

<<On Sun, 27 Mar 2016 00:37:28 -0400, Ron Bello <> said:

> One scenario that avoids many of the above problems is a tax free
> spin off of CBS radio to the stockholders.  This is done these days
> to ​ try to​ "unlock" the value of the individual assets of large
> multi-industry corporations.

As I pointed out in another place, this could even be structured to
give stockholders a choice as to how much of which resulting company
they wanted to own, so they're not stuck selling (and potentially
taking an unwanted capital gain on their own tax returns).  That
probably matters a lot to the Redstone family, although legally their
representatives on the board are required to act in the best interest
of all shareholders, not just the Redstones.


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