Bad money chases out the good (Viceland)

Richard Chonak
Thu Mar 3 01:27:55 EST 2016

History is owned by A&E Networks, so Discovery isn't involved. But the 
content on H and H2 hasn't lived up to the brand for a long time anyway.


On 03/02/2016 12:35 PM, Attorney Chase wrote:
> As always the "bad money" chases out the good! Given the fare that has been
> offered so far and the name of the channel with its prurient and salacious
> name I suppose it could be said that is so. I guess the head of programming
> for Discovery is intent on killing off its good offerings and replacing them
> with tripe. They did the last few months with H2 by offering non-stop
> Ancient Aliens, a program which had as much to do with actual history as
> lying has to do with truth. No wonder the H2 channel ceased! Time for these
> channels to get back to their roots and not just pander to the "Jerry
> Springer" crowd.

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