Bad money chases out the good (Viceland)

Attorney Chase
Wed Mar 2 12:35:41 EST 2016

As always the "bad money" chases out the good! Given the fare that has been 
offered so far and the name of the channel with its prurient and salacious 
name I suppose it could be said that is so. I guess the head of programming 
for Discovery is intent on killing off its good offerings and replacing them 
with tripe. They did the last few months with H2 by offering non-stop 
Ancient Aliens, a program which had as much to do with actual history as 
lying has to do with truth. No wonder the H2 channel ceased! Time for these 
channels to get back to their roots and not just pander to the "Jerry 
Springer" crowd.
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> Does anyone know if and where the new Viceland channel is appearing on
> Comcast's lineup?
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