Jordan retires

Paul Currier
Fri Jul 1 11:55:01 EDT 2016

He didn't really retire - he still has his fulltime day job with his production company.  And is doing weekend promos for 'BZ.   I think he does emcee-ing also - Common on the Fourth and more? 
Any rumors about his replacement?  
Subject: Re: Jordan retires
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 19:03:55 +0200

OK now I feeel old....


I went to Randolph HS with Jordan back in the mid 70s (I was 1 year ahead of him)...57 seems TOO YOUNG to semi retire...

I would guess he'll still be recording ADs....


-Paul Hopfgarten

Epping NH (RHS 1975)


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Subject: Jordan retires

Jordan Rich is wrapping up his long stay at 'BZ weekend overnights. Morgan White has filled in a few times recently as Jordan gets settled into his new life.

Sorry to see him semi-retire - he is very patient with and considerate to callers

He is our last link to "Norm - Sounds in the Night".

Thank you Jordan!

Paul C


Cape Cod



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