Is WMEX serious about succeeding?

B Maloney
Wed Jan 6 17:39:39 EST 2016

 Is there any sense here as to whether WMEX is a serious attempt at generating ratings and revenue? So far, it looks like playing radio using family money (until it runs out). 

While any effort to restore local talk to Boston is appreciated, so far, the lineup has been bizarre to say the least and even more so with Howie Carr's former producer now in place as midday host.

Even if WMEX had been firing on all cylinders from day one, it probably had about a 20% chance of succeeding. I tuned in recently for an hour (it doesn't reach the South Shore very well) and heard just one station promo and no local spots. 

Would love to see independently-owned stations succeed, but WMEX needs a top-to-bottom reworking if it is at all serious about sticking around.

Brian Maloney


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   1. Howie's producer gets own show (Bob Nelson)

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Howie's producer gets own show
Mon, 28 Dec 2015 21:28:44 -0500

WMEX 1510 will counter program vs WRKO's noon
host Jeff Kuhner with their own local host,Nancy
"Sandy" Shack starting Jan. 4, weekdays from
noon to 3pm. I don't know if Howie Carr's
people are behind this--Shack produced his show
and goes back to the days of Jerry Williams on

Howie brought aboard Steve Robinson from
Maine when he started to self-syndicate and
maybe Shack decided to strike out on her

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