Doug Drown ashboy1951@gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 08:27:01 EST 2016

It has occurred to me that there may be a silver lining for WHDH amidst all
this kerfuffle over the affiliation loss.  What if WHDH were to give
Comcast and NECN some significant competition outside Boston?  According to
what I've been reading, the station plans to significantly beef up its news
operation; what if it were to become a "superstation" comparable to WSBK
and WGN, offering Boston and New England news to the rest of the region
(and Canada) via Time Warner and other non-Comcast-owned cable companies,
as well as via satellite?  DISH and DIRECTV don't carry NECN; it's a
cable-only operation.  I think this could be a great opportunity for WHDH,
if it could be worked out.

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