A Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sat Dec 24 23:01:44 EST 2016

I re-scanned my converter boxes and found that I still don't have 
channel 8, but I do have 60.5.  When I was watching last night, it was 
showing COZI.  I don't know when the Countdown to NBC Boston is supposed 
to start.

On Comcast cable, channel 10 is still one of the shopping networks.

On 12/22/2016 2:17 AM, Richard Chonak via Boston-Radio-Interest wrote:

> Translators only have to present an ID.... how often? Twice a day?
> At 2 a.m. I didn't see any ID on 60.5: the programming just switched 
> over from Cozi ("Quantum Leap") to an NBC show ("Talk Stoop").

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