60.5 now broadcasting NECN into Brookline Village, MA

Larry Sochrin lsochrin@rcn.com
Tue Dec 20 13:58:54 EST 2016

Prior to today, I was unable to receive audio or video from any of the 8 or 60 channels, despite friends within a short distance receiving them.  As of this morning, I’m receiving 60.5 as promise, with a strong signal.  I never had a problem getting WMFP signals on 62, so I asked them yesterday if they’d meant to say that the new NBC Boston signal wold be on 62.5, but they replied to say that no, it would be on 60.5 and I should be able to receive it.  And it is there!   (I use a TIIVO and did a rescan. They showed me their usual list of a few new (though unreachable) signals in typical white on black letters, but showed 60.5’s info on that list in bright gold letters!  I wonder if they paid TIVO extra to have it show that way?

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