Spectrum/Charter Cable vs NBC Boston

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Mon Dec 19 21:23:57 EST 2016

According to Charter's website tonight, here are the matches to a search for NBC here in the southeastern part of Worcester City:

787   WHDH - NBC HD 
10   WJAR - NBC SD/HD 
723   CNBC HD 
44   CNBC SD/HD 
727   msnbc HD 
43   msnbc SD/HD 
306   NBC Sports Network 
767   NBC Sports Network HD 
40   NBC Sports Network SD/HD 
247   NBC Universo 
859   NBC Universo HD

Nothing from Springfield, and the WHDH backup at the moment is WJAR from Providence in SD-only.

My wife is watching her faves right now, so I can't verify that these are actually current.


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> Incidently, Charter has already been carrying WGGB for years in Worcester.

I don’t see WGGB listed on the Charter Worcester system, although I don’t doubt they used to carry it.  None of the Springfield stations are on the system here in West Boylston.

When I lived in Barre, in western Worcester county, we got WGGB, WGBY, and WWLP on Charter.


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