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Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 15:09:12 EST 2016

By the magic of the interweb, I was able to view part (and listen to more audio) of Wally Brine’s well-deserved retirement from the Loren & Wally show on WROR (105.7 Framingham). Some very touching FB video at the end of the show, champagne toast in the outer hallway, and then a camera following Wally out to his car in the parking lot. Only the likes of an affable Wally Brine could have been so good-natured about the intrusion on what had to be a very tough moment. 

Checked out some of the show this morning, the first Monday post-Wally. No changes to the name, etc. It’s as if he’s just on vacation. Perhaps it’s fitting. And perhaps it’s because Beasley doesn’t have a plan. Some buzz was that Brine’s contract was up and was likely to get hit with a cut in pay; it that were true, then his departure was a necessity. 

Loren Owens has to be feeling it right about now, with that empty chair to his left for the first time since 1981. As amazing a talent that Owens is (among the best pipes in the business, just organically funny, impeccable timing, and great board skills) Dick Smothers has left the stage. The talent in the room with Loren are good and decent broadcasters but no one can fill Wally’s shoes. 

Does anybody know what the story was behind Tom Doyle’s departure a few years ago? I sort of expected him to make an appearance during the last few shows. Tom was at WCOZ (94.5 Boston) and then moved across the lobby on the second floor or New England Life Hall to sister station WHDH (850 Boston) to pair with Mike Addams in PM drive when I was at WHDH. He would then be assigned to side-kick with the legendary Jess Cain in mornings near the end of Jess’s 36 or so year run.

Bill O’Neill

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