Spectrum/Charter Cable vs NBC Boston

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 03:43:04 EST 2016

It appears that Charter/Spectrum Cable in Worcester County is electing to
carry WWLP out of Springfield come January 1 instead of WBTS. Can Charter
legally pull this off? How does 'must carry' rules apply when WNEU is
providing a signal into the county but on a sub channel 60.2 and WBTS-LD
can not be picked up OTA in Worcester County.

Charter is saying WWLP being in Massachusetts is a better fit than WJAR
Providence. They carry WNEU 60.1 but do they have to carry 60.2???? WMFP
falls into the same gray area.

Legally what are the options?

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