Fwd: Making our FM signal go farther

Ken VanTassell kenwvt@gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 11:37:17 EDT 2015

Just got this from WMVY, looks like they have approval for a major signal
boost !


  *"It seems a shame to not be able to turn on my stereo and get your
station because your signal does not reach this part of the island!!!"
--Tom G. from Aquinnah*

Since mvyradio returned to the airwaves at 88.7FM in May 2014, we’ve heard
this message over and over from folks in places like Chilmark, Katama,
Sandwich and Hyannis.

We’re excited to announce that, *Yes, we are going to be able to expand our
signal by quite a bit.*  And we can do it before the Summer season, if we
can raise the capital to complete the project.

If we can raise $150,000 by early April, it will allow us to buy the
equipment and book the contractors to install an upgraded transmitter and
antenna.  This fundraising effort is in addition and separate from our
upcoming March Drive, during which we’ll be asking listeners to support our
day-to-day programming.

Our Friends of mvyradio have been very generous in the past, with many of
you donating $100, $200, $500.  *But to raise $150,000 in such a brief
period, what we really need from our Friends
<http://www.friendsofmvyradio.org> is to help us with outreach.*

*We’re looking for Major Donors, Foundations and Corporations who can
donate $10,000 or more*, so that we can quickly amass the capital necessary
to pay, upfront, the cost of upgrading our signal.  These donors will
receive Underwriting and Thank You messages on the air, web and elsewhere.

And what an upgrade this will be!

Our old signal at 92.7FM:            3000 watts
Our current signal at 88.7FM         480 watts
*With this upgrade to 88.7FM:    12,000 watts*

That’s right.  With the upgrade, mvyradio’s signal will be MUCH MORE
POWERFUL than it has ever been in our 30+ year history.  The FCC has
approved this.  The engineering studies have been completed.  And if we can
raise the money by the beginning of April, the work will be ready for
Summer and more people will be able to listen which will in-turn, increase
our donor and underwriting base.

*Can you help us raise the needed funds?  Can you reach out to the
businesses and foundations and individuals-of-means who might be able to
help, and encourage them to support this project?*

We appreciate anything you can do to help us get this message to the right


*Louisa Gould*
Executive Development
Friends of mvyradio <http://www.friendsofmvyradio.org/>

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