WBZ running the CBS Evening News, etc.

M.Casey map@mapinternet.com
Fri Mar 6 19:21:13 EST 2015

For the times I'm unable to get home before 6:30, or out of town, but in the 
car and within skywave range, I really appreciate WBZ running the CBS 
Evening News at 6:30pm. And, It's a good break from the repetition of the 
regional and local news. .Wish that more stations would do the same, even on 
FM would be great.

Even though I really think that AM HD, in general, is mostly a useless 
experiment, sometimes, interestingly, WBZ's AM HD comes in for an extended 
period on skywave when I'm 200-700 miles from the station.

Daytime programming-OK, Traffic & Wx-OK, Dan Rhea-OK, has interesting guests 
sometimes, but he could be a lot better-- sometimes he's short, impatient or 
aloof with callers, Bradley J-Surprisingly Good--probably the best overnite 
host on WBZ for a long time. Bradley can talk inteligently about most 
anything, and he's not rude to callers and he's not too short ,or too long, 
but usually just right with callers. Many of you all may have heard him many 
times on WBCN, but here in Western Mass, we don't get WBCN, so I never heard 
Bradley J on the radio until he started on WBZ. The other overnite hosts are 
OK also. The early AM/overnite paid commercial vitamin show, etc, are a joke 
and should be taken off. They cause a tune-out for a BZ regular like me and 
sometimes it's quite a while before I tune back in. So, those commercial 
shows represent a net loss for WBZ.

Very, Very few stations exist like WBZ anymore that do at least, some, real 
time news and service to the community for the majority of their air time. 
Most cities do not have any dependable local news radio station--AM or FM--  
today. I Was listening to WSM, Nashville, last night and there's another 
rare radio stations with some quality programming. Someday all of those 
stations like WBZ and WSM, and WCBS, etc, may just dissapear. And, nothing 
against these new ways of communicating, but radio stations' service won't 
be replaced by any IPhone, or podcast, or internet feed. Then, (as has 
already happened a few times) when there's a storm, hurricane or blizzard, 
and cable & electricity is out, and the cell/Braodband site batteries have 
run out of juice or crashed, there won't be any local news or information 
stations to service the public.

Mark Casey

I do on occasion put on WBZ but I'm always disappointed as theirCBS
traffic reports are never helpful.  (And then there's that stupid CBS
Evening News simulcast -- are they still doing that?)


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