WBZ-TV goes multicast

Richard Chonak richard@chonak.com
Sun Mar 1 14:41:38 EST 2015

 From the Radio-With-Pictures department:

For some time, I've been wondering about the status of WBZ-TV as a 
holdout offering only one digital TV channel in its stream, whereas the 
other Boston stations that I can receive here have secondary channels.   
Well, that status has ended.

Channel 4.2 made its Boston soft launch on February 26, airing with a 
13-week stunt of all-binge programming, scheduled to run until May 25 
when the CBS "Decades" channel starts its regular programming.

Variety has an article about the new channel at
describing how CBS partnered with Weigel Broadcasting (developer of Me 
TV and This TV) to design the new platform.


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