Bob Nelson
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WORK in Barre VT used to have a whole bunch of communities in its legal ID
following the "Barre" and one TV station, Ch 44 in the Champlain Valley has
an ID that manages to reference communities in two states and one

Listeners to the WAMC public radio network may hear long legal IDs
mentioning all the various stations in its network, in places like
Kingston, Plattsburgh and Canojaharie. In addition some of their stations
have translators (WAMC has them in Hudson  and Rensselaer), Wikipedia,
under "Station identification", notes:"stations do not have to announce all
translators each hour, but instead must ID them three times per day. All
translators must be identified between 7 and 9 a.m., 12:55 and 1:05 p.m.,
and 4 and 6 p.m." Wikipedia also mentions interesting cases like the former
KUMX Houma, LA. That's pronounced "Home-uh" so they used to
say "KUMX Houma ("home o' ")-New Orleans Greatest Hits".

Vermont Public Radio's TOH legal IDs mention the frequency after the COL
and it can serve to help some listeners who are driving...if you're in
Rutland but driving to Burlington you can make a mental note of the latter
station's frequency for when the Rutland station starts to fade away.
Here's an example of the TOH IDs for VPR's classical network.At the end a
couple translators are mentioned but only by town and frequency ("and
Rupert at 93.3") station ID but this must have been a time when the
calls of a translator need not
be mentioned.

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> "It's been a very, very long time since the FCC took that sort of
> position."
> Almost 32 years.  The legal-ID rule was amended in November 1983 to permit
> multiple communities in the legal ID, but the community of license must
> come first.

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