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On 6/24/2015 10:34 AM, Bob Bittner via Boston-Radio-Interest wrote:

> Rumor has it... Rent $25,000 a month.   Tower site  electricity $4,500 a
> month.  That's about $360,000.00 a year, just to  keep the tower site
> running... Then there music royalties, FCC Regulatory Fees,  Studio costs,
> employees, payroll taxes, tower light replacements.    The station will (and has)
> destroy anyone who owns it.
>   That said.... would I buy it for $175k?  Probably yes, since  with better
> coverage day & night, I'll bet I'd get that much from  fundraising efforts.
> But I'd have to be in a very daring mood.
> ----jibguy

Would the current WMEX signal get you better coverage than you get now 
from WJIB?  Better still, could you discard the present WMEX transmitter 
site and diplex somehow from the WJIB tower?  We're just speculating, of 
course, but could WMEX be made to work better that way?

I'm guessing that the best way to make WMEX work would be to get rid of 
that tower site and arrange to diplex from someone else's tower(s).  I 
wonder whether that's even doable, given the directional pattern they'd 
need in order to protect whatever other signals WMEX needs to protect.
Or could some other frequency be found for WMEX where it could get 
better coverage diplexing from another tower?

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